Zen Mind Psychology

Zen: to have a peaceful, calm and attentive mindset.

Therapy Sessions

Types of therapy that we offer

The type of therapy suitable for a person depends on the individual and the types of problems that they are presenting with. We work by integrating therapeutic models best suited to our clients’ presenting concerns that utilise evidence-based best practice. We will discuss suitable types of therapy at our first session when we develop an individual treatment plan.

Therapy for adults & family issues

We help adults individually with depression, anxiety including general, specific and social anxiety, low self-worth, difficulty coping, stress, emotional abuse, emotional neglect, adjustment difficulty, insecurity, perfectionism, fear or failure, fear of abandonment, phobias, trauma and PTSD

Family of origin issues – As a child did you experience feeling different to others growing up, family domestic violence, emotional abuse? Were you criticised or bullied? Did you experience low self-worth? Were you always to blame? Were your emotions dismissed or ignored by those around you or maybe you experienced a traumatic event of some kind? These are just some of the many circumstances which can happen to us as children and still affect us years or decades later. Sometimes we aren’t even sure what it was or what to label it as, but we grow up with a sense that something wasn’t right. By working through our past we are able to gain insight to our situation and identify current triggers and reactions that are related to this. Healing from our past can help us change our future

Therapy for adolescence 14+

Adolescence is a challenging stage of life where teens are managing a number of changes including family and peer dynamics and discovering their own identity. We recommend seeking support for your parenting or for your teen as soon as you notice any difficulties arise. We are here to help with a range of issues including depression, anxiety and social anxiety, low self-worth, difficulty coping, stress, adjustment difficulty, insecurity, gender and sexual identity, self-harm, isolating behaviour, phobias, trauma and PTSD

Parenting therapy

Parenting is a new journey with it’s own set of difficulties and challenges at different ages and stages. We work with parents from birth through to teenage years to assist you to understand and meet your child’s needs and your own at each of their developmental stages and support you through each of them. Some of the things we can help with include perinatal and post-natal depression and anxiety, facing our fears, attachment, parenting differently to how we were parented, healing from our own childhood traumas and guidance with Positive Parenting, Gentle Parenting and Conscious Parenting strategies and more